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Weekly Inspirations: 7 April 2014

Designing Interactions by Bill Moggridge Interaction and UX Design are truly taking off in 2014. Many of us have LinkedIn profiles that seem to attract recruiters like bears to honey, and its only going to get more intense as the year goes on. Why? UX/IxD isn’t taught in most four-year schools, and I’ve only come…

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Approaching Creative Direction and Design Differently

After a designer has moved through the ranks and finally made it to ‘Creative Director’, the work and structure looks differently than it previously had. All of the sudden, the filtering becomes more important, and the designing begins to take a side-seat. Creative direction brings clarity and definition to our work. It helps us create a specific message, and convey that message to a specific audience. It combines art and design to create an emotional and cultural impact, while creating a connection to what you are seeing.

Weekly Inspirations: 27 Jan 2014

Once a week, I try to compile a bunch of reads that I’ve taken inspiration, in both creative and user experience design. I feel, if you can’t learn something from someone, you do yourself a great disservice in life. Here’s this week’s inspiration.


6 Tips on Becoming a Better Creative Director

You already search blogs, magazines, and online subscriptions compulsively. You’ve learned about the technology behind the design, studied in school, had countless internships, years of experience in the field and mentorships along the way. You’re ready for the big-leagues, and have been searching for a Creative Director position, or maybe been appointed the new position; but now what?

Why User Experience Matters

What is User Experience? Why does it even mater? UX? UXD? IxD? My parents don’t even know what I do or why. Neither does my wife. When I try to explain what I do to someone on the street, they look at me and say “Oh, you’re a web designer.”

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